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Step 1 - Order A Pack

Order A Pack

If you're ready to save up to 70% on High Street prices then get your frames reglazed with ReglazeMyGlasses.com. Simply fill out our pack request form and we will send you a FREE no obligation kit.

Our sturdy freepost packs are specifically designed to ensure that your frames are protected during the postal process.


Step 2 - Send Glasses

Step 2

When your pack arrives, simply follow the instruction sheet that is enclosed within the pack, then pop your frames in the pack and post it back to us.

There is no obligation, if you do not accept our quotation we can return your frames using standard delivery at absolutely no cost to you.


Step 3 - Wait For a Call

Step 3

After we have analysed your glasses and prescription you will receive a call from one of our friendly experts who will advise and provide you with a quote for your new lenses.

If you are happy we will then take payment and reglaze your frames with your new lenses. Once complete, we will post your glasses back via Royal Mail.

Order A Pack

Reglaze Glasses Lens Replacement

ReglazeMyGlasses.com is a service for people who do not need or want to buy a new spectacle frame when their prescription changes. We are the number one site for fitting (reglazing) prescription lenses into frames. A typical reglaze service at your Optician can still be expensive and your Optician can often be reluctant to reglaze glasses as they lose out on a new frame sale. We have combined the low cost benefits of ordering online with the 1 to 1 Customer Service you would expect from your Optician. Every ReglazeMyGlasses.com customer has the benefit of speaking to one of our specialist advisers with direct experience in the optical industry. To find out more please view our FAQ & Infopage.

Or Call Us on 0115 906 3010.
Read more about how you can save money

Want to know more?

You might not know it but you've always been able to get new lenses for your existing frames, the Glasses reglaze service (New Lenses for glasses) has been around for as long as Opticians have. But it dents their profits so you've possibly never been told about it.

But now this great money-saving glasses lens replacement service makes it easier than ever to save money.

So how do you make great savings? There are two simple ways.

Firstly, by getting your glasses reglazed you are already saving money by not having to buy new frames when you visit the Opticians.

Secondly, the prices that we sell our lenses at are far lower than you will find on the High Street. Our standard lenses, for example, cost just £19, compared to the High Street price between £50 and £100.

Two very good reasons to request a glasses lens replacement pack. Do it NOW, its FREE!

Still not convinced? We make it easier.

We don't expect you to understand the complexity of how your frame type, prescription and lens types are all connected, the way that other reglazing companies do.

Instead, we simply ask you to send us your glasses for FREE, and we then give you expert advice over the phone before you have to part with any money. If you decide then, for whatever reason, that you do not want to get your glasses reglazed, we send them back to you FREE of charge!

ReglazeMyGlasses ? The No1 Glasses Lens Replacement service on the Internet.

Read more about how you can save money
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