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In this section we have put together a list of frequently asked questions about how our service works. If there is anything you want answered that you can't find here, give us a call or drop us an email.


  • What is reglazing?
  • It’s where we replace the old lenses in your glasses frame with new ones.
  • Why should I reglaze?
  • There are many different reasons why people choose to reglaze. It can be because you want to replace some broken or damaged lenses or that your prescription has changed. You may not want to buy a whole new pair of spectacles because you really like your current frame and can’t find a suitable new one. It may be because you just want to save some money!
  • What do I need to do to place an order?
  • Just request a free post pack to be sent out to you. We will need a copy of your prescription which you can request from your optician. It's legally your prescription so they have to give it to you free of charge. Just ensure the prescription is less than 2 years old or we won’t be able to use it. Just pop your frame(s) and prescription into the free post pack and send it to us. (Don't forget that we can contact your optician for a copy of your prescription on your behalf, providing its less than 2 years old.)
  • How come other reglazing sites let me place my order online and pay there and then, while yours does not?
  • Because we like to do things the proper way, not the easy way. If you look carefully on other reglazing sites they offer a limited and “dumbed down” selection of lenses to prevent people getting confused. The problem with this is how can they be sure the customer is getting the lens type that is best suited to their prescription? Would you trust an optician that let you walk into their shop and choose your own lenses and pay for them without giving you some advice?
  • So I order a pack and send in my frames, what next?
  • First of all we analyse your glasses and establish what type of lenses you are already wearing. We will then call and discuss your options with you. Once you have come to a decision and given us permission to reglaze your glasses we will begin the work. Once completed we will return your glasses to you via Royal Mail.
  • Q. What if you can't get hold of me the first time.
  • A. We will attempt to call you at the requested day and time you specify on the order form. If we are unable to do this, especially at favoured lunch time hours, we will call you as soon as possible from that time. If we are unable to get hold of you we will leave a message and send an email. The more phone numbers you provide on the order form, the more likely we will be able to speak to you on the second attempt.
  • How long does it take?
  • Single vision can be very quick, sometimes just a few days. However, please allow us upto 28 working days from having confirmed your order over the phone. For varifocals, these can take approximately 2 weeks to process depending on what type needs ordering. However, please allow us upto 28 days to fufill your order when you place it with us.   
  • Do you reglaze rimless glasses?
  • Yes we can, but there is an additional charge of up to £20. This is due to the labour intensive nature of rimless glazing.
  • So you can pretty much get any lenses and glaze them into any frame?
  • There are some restrictions and well known things to avoid, but yes we can.
  • How come your prices are so much lower than the high street.
  • Because our business relationships are direct with the optical manufacturers, our costs are lower. This means we can pass those savings on to you.
  • Are you one of these “internet only” companies which are difficult to speak to.
  • No, we are industry specialists and based in the UK. We are company and VAT registered and we have a real postal address not a PO Box number. We also don't hide behind an email address, so you can call us within business hours and we often respond to emails late into the night. Be reassured that you are dealing with a well established professional business.
  • Q: What is your returns policy?
  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee. So if for any reason you wish to return your glasses you can send them back to us. Please contact us first however to obtain a returns number. Once we get them back we will glaze your old lenses back into your frame (please remember to include your old lenses with your glasses) After 30 days, if something goes wrong with the lenses that isn’t your fault, like the lens coating starts to break down or there is distortion in the lens where there shouldn’t be, then we will replace them.
  • What are the postage and package costs?
  • Standard 1st Class is £3. You can pay an extra £1 for 1st Class Recorded (£4 Total). You can also have them returned via Special Delivery Guaranteed (£6.50), signed for and with compensation up to £500.
  • I have very expensive frames and I am worried they will get damaged in the post.
  • We would recommend you send your glasses to us via special delivery and provide some additional packaging to keep them secure. We can return your glasses via the same method once we have reglazed them. This can be discussed over the phone.
  • What if my glasses break while you are glazing them?
  • Unfortunately we can't be responsible for any breakages that may occur during the glazing process. However, we are very good at what we do and this is a very rare occurrence.
  • Will my frames need re-fitting?
  • This is unlikely, as the frames will be returned to you in the same condition and shape as they were sent to us. If you find a nose pad or arm needs adjusting, you can do this yourself as it's not very difficult. However, if you pop into an opticians they are usually quite happy to do this free of charge for you.
  • Do you accept NHS vouchers?
  • Yes we do. Please follow the relevant instructions on the order form.
  • There are questions I have that are not answered on your FAQ.
  • Then please get in touch, we would happily answer them for you. If they are good questions we will add them to this FAQ.

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