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Introducing our NEW top flight Varifocal. The Truly Bespoke Digital Freeform OmniView HD.

The launch of our new Varifocal has been a great success with lots of very happy customers, so we are running the deal again! 

Not all Varifocals are the same. The image on the left represents a standard Varifocal. This type of lens is generally only available on the low end choices offered by the major High Street Opticians. At ReglazeMyGlasses, we only supply "Freeform" Varifocals, which are represented more by the image on the right. Freeform Varifocals have a much wider viewing area in all focal zones, giving more freedom of view. 

Certain high-quality products create excitement because they are different, better and, above all, because they give us a feeling of individuality and add to the quality of our lives.

Our new Varifocal offering "OmniView" is purpose made for the individual. Regardless of whether you are hiking, driving, playing with your grandchildren, concentrating in front of a PC or relaxing with a book, the OmniView ‘individual’ varifocal guarantees comfortable vision as they are made precisely according to your requirements.

- A corridor design to suit your lifestyle.
- Ultimate personalisation using advanced calculation software.
- Precision digital mapping across 50,000+ unique reference points.
- Full-field optimisation giving clarity across all angles of vision.
- Virtually no oblique astigmatism or aberration. 
-Comfortable, easy adaptation for all wearers.

To unlock the full benefits of the OmniView, we do two extra things. The first is to email you a short lifestyle questionnaire to help us order the correct OmniView design to match your lifestyle. The second is to take additional measurements from the frame that is not required for any other type of varifocal, even other premium lens types.

If you request a pack and enter code "OmniFB20" you will get £20 off the cost of the lenses*

However as usual we don't like to keep our deals restricted, so if you are not a varifocal wearer then enter code
"OmniFB10" to get £10 off all our other lens types*

All of our lens prices can be viewed here, along with the new OmniView varifocals. 

Ready to make use of the voucher? Enter it here on our pack request form and we will get a pack out to you to send in your glasses.


When the pack arrives use it to send us your varifocals and prescription, and we will be in touch to confirm your choice and the price. 

Sending us glasses using our packs is non-obligation, so if you change your mind we will return them totally free of charge.

*One use per customer only. Takes £20/£10 off the order total, not per pair. Can't be combined with any other money off voucher. It CAN be combined with the LENSUPG offer. Details on our homepage.