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We are giving away a thin lenses to anyone who buys our Enhanced Lens Upgrade, or "E-AR" as it's also known on our quotes. For most single vision and some multi-focal lenses it's an additional £10. For Varifocals or other progressive lens types its £20. The benefits of this lens upgrade will be detailed at the bottom of this message, but here is an example of how it could work.

Let's say you have been quoted for a standard thickness lens with the enhanced lens coating upgrade that totals £39.90. Once paid we will upgrade the lens from a standard thickness lens to a 1.6 Thin lens with the E-AR coating, worth £53.90. 

Or if you buy a 1.6 index thin lens for £53.90 with the E-AR, we will upgrade you to the 1.67 thinner lenses with the E-AR worth £73.90, and so on.

All you need to do is provide the code "LENSUPG". If you request a pack from our website, you can enter it in the coupon code box. If you already have a pack just write it on the form before you post it back to us. 

Here are all the benefits the E-AR lenses provide. 

- UV Protection: Our eyes are ten times more sensitive to the sun than our skin. Even on cloudy days UV rays still reach the earth, so you need protection all year round. Enhanced Anti-Reflection lenses offer all round UV protection.

- Ultra Tough Hard Coat: Keeping them in top condition, so your glasses last longer.

- Super Hydrophobic Coating: Repels water and dust from the lens allowing the lens to be cleaned more easily.

- Anti-Fingerprint Oleophobic Coating: This is the same type of coating that is applied to smart phones, tablets and touch screen devices.

Additionally, the £20 varifocal version comes with a 12 month scratch-free guarantee.

With the free thin lenses, you will be getting this....

Upto to 40% thinner than those currently in your frame. Thin lenses come in either...
1.6 Thin Lenses
1.67 Even Thinner Lenses
1.74 The Thinnest Possible.

There is one final condition for rimless wearers and other frame types that require either 1.6 or 1.67 index lenses. You have to pay for the lens type that the frame would require without the deal. So rimless frames that NEED a 1.6 for toughness would have to have a 1.6 lens paid for, which means the upgrade would be to a 1.67 lens. You can't ask for a standard 1.5 lens to then get a upgrade to the required 1.6. 

Also, branded lenses are not included. This is only for our (E-AR) range of lenses.